About John Watson Moore
     The inspiration for the Teacher Development Fund at Duke School

John Watson Moore -- Teacher of science and math, Principal of R.J Reynolds High School, and ultimately Superintendent of the Winston-Salem Public Schools from 1912-1956 -- was an extraordinary educator with a vision ahead of his time for the nurturing of teachers.

The DS Teacher Development Fund was established in 1990 to commemorate his firm belief that teachers should have time off for professional development in addition to being respected and well paid.

For his retirement, his loyal teachers wrote and read to him an Ode , a verse of which is quoted below:

My heart sings a song unending -- John Watson Moore
For in loving one is loved
In honoring one is honored
In serving one is served
Milestones in the career of this dedicated educator: John W Moore's character: honest, ethical, deeply fair. Here are two examples: