From the 2nd Presbyterian Church newsletter Jan. 2012

A Memorial for Marge Perrin

Several years ago there was a popular motto that said, "Bloom where you are planted." If ever there was some- one who lived that motto, it was Marge Perrin. She not only "bloomed" she helped others thrive and grow as she sowed seeds of helping and caring wherever she was.

When her husband Frank's ministry took them to Alabama, she completed her graduate degrees and became a professor at the University of Alabama (Huntsville), a position that allowed her to teach, encourage, and counsel nursing students entering the profession she loved.

When Frank became part of the denominational headquarters staff in Louisville, she became Director of Nurse Education for the Humana Hospital Corporation and developed three schools of nursing that later became Galen College of Nursing . And when Humana changed its focus from hospitals to insurance, she became Spalding University's Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. In this position she began a School of Occupational Therapy and programs to train nurse practitioners and to certify parish nurses.

In addition to being a member of the advisory board of Spalding's School of Nursing and a member of Galen's board of directors, Marge was an active board member of Presbyterian Community Center and a major founder of Harambee Clinic . Through the partnership she arranged with the U. of L. School of Nursing, this clinic provided inoculations, tests and health screenings for the medically under-served residents of the Smoketown community.

In 2006, her accomplishments brought recognition from the Presbyterian Church (USA), and she received the first National Health Ministries Elise Woodward Stutzer Award for her program for certification of parish nurses and her contributions to the Harambee Clinic.

Within our congregation she raised awareness of health issues, helped initiate the Healing Music Ministry, served for many years as a member of the Session Mission Committee, and was a member of the Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team. Many of those who saw her only on Sunday mornings were not aware of her positions or awards; they just knew her as the friendly woman with the ever-present smile who worshipped with us. Through her ministry to us and with us, our church became one of the gardens in which Marge Perrin "bloomed" and "planted."

In appreciation of who she was, what she accomplished, and what she meant to so many people, the Mission Committee has voted to contribute to the initial funding to establish the Dr. Marjorie M. Perrin Endowed Scholarship in Nursing at Spalding University.

The recognition of this scholar- ship collaboration between our church and Spalding that honors the life of this gifted, caring individual will occur during the 11:00 worship service on January 22.